About Us

About us:
Welcome to the best online and free library of short stories in Hindi for people of all the ages. A fun way to spend leisure time is by reading stories to them. Stories help us in developing our imagination, they acquire vocabulary and develop a liking and taste for reading.
We want you to spend very special moments with reading, and for that we have selected a great variety of stories with stories of all kinds and the most varied characters. To make it easy to find the perfect story type for the right time, we have distributed them in different sections. In this way it is easier to find short stories perfect for you.
We have not forgotten the traditional stories, popular stories with which we have all grown up and with which we want our children to learn. For this reason we have also prepared sections with stories for more classic children.
We have also prepared stories to with values that will serve us to teach the small lessons of life, values or thoughts that are easier to transmit through this medium.
This compilation of children’s stories in Hindi is thought and developed focusing especially on children, so we have reviewed, adapted and prepared each of the stories, both short stories and longer, in manner that is simple to understand and at the same time maintain the attention and intrigue of the reader. Apart from this, the stories also give many values to children, something that we always look for in a children’s story.
And of course all our stories are free. You can download as many as you want to be able to read them anywhere.